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Officially, we’re retail consultants. We prefer the term problem solvers.

For us, consulting is a matter of convincing clients not persuading them – by exploiting a client-centred mindset, a solution-oriented approach, and a highly-focused methodology. We are setting benchmarks in retail consulting, and more precisely in the areas of process architecture and digital transformation. Our main focus is on omnichannel processes and SAP solutions for retail companies – from national SMEs right through to major international players. The crucial qualities we bring to the table include commitment, passion, and attention to detail. We pledge to deliver the best possible outcome for all concerned. That’s why, for employees as well as clients, we are the place to B

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We have high levels of know-how. But our hierarchies are flat.

The bad news first: we have really high expectations. But that’s good news at the same time. The high standards we set for ourselves and our work benefit you as well as our clients. Because you get to use the very best tools and technologies. Because you can take on responsibility for complex projects. Because you will be challenged, but also extremely well supported. And we don’t only work in teams, we are team players in every sense of the word. Aspects such as solidarity and collegiality have a high priority for us. No emphasis on hierarchies. No fuss about titles. No elbows needed. This strategy has worked well for us for over ten years now. Good news for us. Good news for you – and your future. B part of us

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Our current locations. To be continued.


Thinking sustainably is good. Acting sustainably is better.
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We consider on-site visits to our clients to be essential. But, thanks to a sensible combination of remote and on-site working, we are still able to cut down on travelling. Trips we can’t avoid – whether by plane, train or car – are offset through atmosfair. In our offices too, we are ardent recyclers and endeavour to deal as responsibly as possible with resources and raw materials. On top of this, our bandtworks Forest allows us to make a concrete contribution to reforestation. That’s still not sustainable enough for you? Then join us and make us even better – join the B

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